Bode at SVCC

Cobalt 60 takes place in a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-like world inhabited by mutants, aliens, and other fantastic creatures. The Hooded One embarks on a quest to avenge the death of his parents, murdered by the evil Strontium 90. After he succeeds in his quest, he inherits his father's kingdom, but prefers to return to his wild ways!

Cobalt 60 was one of the first ultra-violent, sexy, and controversial comics ever published, when it debuted in the late Sixties. The characters, art, dialogue and tone have been the inspiration for countless film, animation and video game properties ever since.


Production really began a few years ago, when Mark Bodé met animator Mark Butler while he was painting a TMNT wall mural at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd... An epic weekend, to say the least! It was at that time we had our first discussions on how to do Cobalt 60 in 3D, but still retain the original designs and flava of the graphic novels.

Since then, we have added legendary composers and deejays Ollie Teeba and Jonny Cuba to develop the music and sound design, and just recently added Hunter Jackson (Techno Destructo of GWAR) as the Loper! We also have added Natasha Creger as stunt choreographer, and Steve Chang as lead programmer. The mighty Secret File Animation team also added two new animators, Tiffany Chang and Shane Rhein to the team... Welcome aboard, y'all!


May 2017 - Cobalt 60 Augmented Reality Comic in Production
Just wanted to send up a signal flare, and let y'all know that we are still churning and burning on the new Cobalt 60 AR Comic... At this point, we still look on target to finish in August! Here's a quick peep at one of the panels.

April 2017 - Cobalt Tech on Deck at the Silicon Valley Comic Con
Attention, Bay Area Mutants! We are on deck all three days at the Silicon Valley Comic Con, next weekend, April 21-23. Come on down and get the best of comics and technology all in one place. We'll be showing off all the new art & animation, and a few other surprises, as well... So, come on down and have a peep!

April 2017 - Cobalt AR Mural in Clarion Alley
 As many of you know, Bode has painted a huge new Cobalt 60 mural down in Clarion Alley. He left space for Cobalt’s Queen to shake her thang, but only if you point your Android at it! That’s right… The entire mural scene comes to life in 3D, right on your phone or tablet, right there in alley! The app is FREE, so download now!

Coming soon for iOS. Help bring Cobalt 60 to the small screen! Join the FREE Open Beta of our new Augmented Reality technology today!

March 2017 - Cobalt 60 Chronicles: Episode Zero will be available this August!
That’s right! We are launching the Limited Edition AR comic book and iOS/Android app this summer at the San Diego Comic-Con!

Featuring art from both Vaughn Bode and Mark Bode, this expanded version of the original Cobalt 60 comic comes wrapped in an all-new two-page cover spread. A must-have for the Bode fan! Plus, each page of the comic triggers an interactive 3D animated scene on your iOS or Android device… allowing you to view the action from any angle!

March 2017 - After his mural got trashed by Vandals, Bode paints and animates a new Cobalt 60 mural.
Clarion Alley, Mission District, San Francisco
Thurs. and Fri., March 16-17. Come on down and say hi, or look for us on Facebook Live!

March 2017 - Open Audition for the Voice Role of Queen BBC
Do you have what it takes to bring this badass Bode Broad to life? If so, we want to hear from you! Hurry, the deadline is Sunday, March 19, 2017! To submit, go to:

March 2017 - Big Apple Comic Con
Join Mark Bodé for a hands-on preview of the new AR Comic and celebrate 50 years of Bodé style at the Big Apple Comic-Con, downtown Manhattan, March 11-12.

January 2017 - ANGOULÊME Comics Fest
Bodé's gallery at the 44th annual comics festival in France was a huge hit! Fans couldn't get enough of the Augmented Reality app! Or, as they say it... "Les pages magiques du Cobalt 60"!!!